About Us

Clever People. Simple Solutions.

Where we started
When we moved our business from London to Tauranga in 2007, we envisioned a company that would help local businesses reach their full potential. We looked at how we could deliver high-quality software development services in a remote location with limited resources, to help make businesses adaptable and relevant in a rapidly changing technology-driven world.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge obtained through years of software development consulting in the UK, we had a clear understanding of what it takes to successfully deliver custom software solutions on time and on budget. We decided to merge this technical proficiency with exceptional project management and hand-selected, trusted global partners to give local businesses a fresh approach to software development.

Where we are now
Fast-forward another 10 years, and Think is more than just a software development company: our business is focused on helping yours succeed, and our unique business model solves your most complex challenges with solutions that combine Kiwi ingenuity and resourcefulness with European experience and global resources.

We build strong business relationships with our clients to help find solutions that help overcome their unique business challenges. These relationships enable us to deliver the support and resources needed to maximise business capability.

Our vision
Our vision for the future is to see every New Zealand business reach its full potential.
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We focus on delivering real business capability through technology innovation.

Adam Hughes

Our Core Values

Clever People. Simple Solutions.

Our company was built on the following core values, which form the foundation of everything we do:


We hold ourselves and others to account and do what we say we will do by always being open, honest, consistent, transparent and true to our word – with our consultants, employees, co-workers, clients and potential clients.


We encourage and enable our people to accept responsibility, take initiative and make things happen. Our services empower you to achieve your business goals and in turn empower your people and communities.


We go the extra mile to deliver quality service and solutions to clients by building supportive, collaborative relationships. We walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. We are committed to seeing your business and its people thrive.

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Adam showed us how to shift from the limitations of paper-based systems to highly flexible, workflow based systems.


Our People

Clever People. Simple Solutions.

Our global team
With strong strategic global partnerships, we are able to select from a pool of more than 1000 developers and testers, and world-class facilities to deliver high-quality, functional and efficient solutions that meet your business needs.

Our international partners have a long and impressive track record of delivering business critical solutions to top corporates in many of the world’s leading industries.

Meet some of our clever people
Our consultants are highly skilled and qualified with international expertise across both business and technology. Our agile approach focuses on solving your complex challenges by combining global resources with a dedicated collaborative local team of visionary experts.

Adam Hughes

Adam is the creative thinker and driving force behind Think.

Photo of Adam holding a fish
I have a passion for helping people and love doing this on a daily basis. My strong scientific background and over 30 years in the software development industry has honed my skills and knowledge to help and support businesses.

I love problem solving, creativity and working with people and businesses where I can actually see the benefits I bring. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a smile on a client’s face.
Take a look at my video about our unique company.

Janet Hughes

Janet is our visionary.

Photo of Janet
Janet’s 30 years’ experience providing leadership services to the corporate sector have provided her with a 360° view of leadership.

With a career history spanning the financial services, IT recruitment, education and Software Services industries, Janet focuses on developing businesses to their full potential.

Think pattern

Think stepped in at short notice to assist us – they are still with us, continuing with the project work, writing mobile apps and supporting our legacy .Net applications.


Our Partners

Clever People. Simple Solutions.

TMA Solutions logo
Before setting up our business, we searched far and wide for the best company to partner with to provide our clients with the best solutions.

Our strategic partner, TMA Solutions, was established in 1997 to provide quality software outsourcing services to leading companies worldwide. After more than 19 years of steady growth, TMA’s engineering team has increased from 6 to 1,800 engineers, which is testament to the fact that their business has been built on a foundation of best practice, world-class expertise and a knack for business and people management.

We believe that a business is only as good as its professional relationships and our partnership with TMA serves as an example of that. We are proud to say that we have a close business relationship with TMA Chairman, Dr. Nguyen Huu Le, and truly feel like part of the TMA family.

Think pattern

Within a very short timeframe we were all tapping our smartphones and receiving the information we needed to be even better at what we do.

Dave Freeman, Systems and Procurement Manager, Apata