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Software Development

Clever People. Simple Solutions.

Our clients come to us for software systems and services that improve their capability. Software that is delivered on time and on budget by experts that understand people, business, technology and processes.
Streamline your business
Business applications go a long way to help streamline processes across an organisation, whatever its size. If your business needs integrated solutions that are agile, provide hyper-connectivity, personalisation and real-time application, we are here to listen, advise and deliver.

Our expertise in a broad range of technologies allows us to select the most appropriate to gain a competitive edge, and work with you to provide applications that save you time and money.

Focus on quality
Quality is not just about the applications we create for you – it is also about listening and collaborating with you and your team to find innovative, customised solutions.

Our dedicated testing teams provide qualitative software testing services that will significantly improve the performance, reliability and quality of your software systems.

We also give you ongoing support, which means that you won’t be left to your own devices – we’ll apply our energy and experience to help you implement, maintain and refine productivity technologies.

We have come a long way since using twin-floppy PCs for software development like we did in the 80s…

Adam Hughes

For Mobile

Information at your fingertips
Our dedicated team of over 1000 developers and testers have the experience and knowledge to help you revolutionise how you do business.

Whether you need integrated or stand-alone applications, we help you choose the best platform and technology to meet your specific business needs and ensure that you benefit from optimum functionality, usability and design.

I have found Think to be professional, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile for us.

Dudley Maritz, Supply Chain Integration Manager, Nova Energy Ltd

For Web/Desktop

Business application experts
Our clever people have a passion for the design and development of user-centric web/desktop applications which integrate seamlessly with your back-end systems.

These applications allow you to interact with users, connect to back-end databases and deliver results to browsers.

We have built our reputation on providing the most efficient web-based applications to suit your specific business needs, communicate with your employees or clients and effectively streamline administrative processes.

Our software is always scalable, adaptable and customised to your business needs.

Adam Hughes

For The Cloud

Cost effective
‘The cloud’ has been the buzzword in the tech and business world for the past few years, and we’ve embraced its potential from the beginning.

Cloud platforms package all the services necessary to build applications, including database, virtualisation and architecture services.

Our cloud application development and platform services focus on helping you reduce costs, enhance collaboration, increase scalability and improve processes.

Adam helped us to take a ‘big picture’ approach to our business requirements, holding our hand through the process.


Internet of Things

Technology revolution
Today, connectivity means more than just people. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next step in the technology revolution. We have the expertise and experience to develop applications that bring together devices, sensors, data and the cloud.

Let us help solve your specific business challenges efficiently and cost-effectively through digitisation, automation and integration. From the farm, to the packhouse, factory, office or home, we collect information from anywhere and deliver solutions everywhere.

We simplify complex business issues and deliver streamlined, elegant solutions to help your business overcome those issues.

Adam Hughes